The Old ‘Trying To Do Justice To An Original’ Dilemma

…or “From Word to InDesign in 30 easy steps!”

Just finished work on producing the poster & tickets for this years Y11 Prom. Students had designed the original & submitted it in a word doc & looked really good but didn’t print very well.
On closer inspection their original artwork work was all the more amazing when I discovered that the entire thing was created from numerous individual images. All the typefaces were single letters culled from the net, cropped and then reassembled as where the Staff heads copied from the school website. They had obviously worked REALLY hard on it. So I tried hard to stay faithful to the original design when I recompiled it.
The only big difference was not being able to get a copy of the font they used for the ‘Budehaven’ text and having to add a little “Summery, Batten-Burg Cake” vibe as requested.
I hope they like what I’ve done.


Ticket Design


Digital Signage


Voyage espagnoles √† la Belle Village

Digital Signage Pour les étudiants espagnols en France? Me confondre trop!

Una Vista a Paris

Una Vista a Paris 2

‘Grand College’ Page & Post Options

Cranking the Gallery Options


Using some of the great Gallery & ‘Good Layers’ Options available in our ‘Grand CollegeWordPress Theme this week as we develop the Art Department Webpage.

Charlie, Charlie, Delta, Mike

GCSE History Anybody? Yes please!

Really enjoyed helping our History Department research & prepare a worksheet on the RAF Coastal Command Air Station at Davidstow Moor.
Canadian Aircrew from 404 Squadron & their Bristol Beaufighter. (Circa 1944 – Black & White invasion stripes give it away)